Lou-lah brings together a collection of stylish yet casual fashion accessories, at a price that makes them an affordable treat for yourself, or to give as a gift.

Beautiful bags, jewellery and scarves sourced from the UK and reputable international supplies gives Lou-lah its casual, elegant look.

Lou-lah stocks a fabulous range of products including items from Mala Leather, Cactus, Red Cuckoo and Suzie Blue. We offer gorgeous sterling silver earrings, handmade for Lou-lah in Cornwall. We aim to increase our range from UK suppliers as Lou-lah grows.

Lou-lah is not just the start of a small business, it is the realisation of a BIG DREAM and the start of a new direction for my future. In short, proof that there is life after 50, raising a family and that even in the darkest of times, there are incredible people, often where you least expect. They not only help you to survive but give you the strength to carry on and give you the encouragement and support to believe in yourself and reach for your dreams.

We all put off our dreams until another day, but none of us know what’s around the corner. With this in mind, I’m choosing not to wait, but to give this my best shot now.


After 20 years working in a stressful job and bringing up two lovely children (as most Mums know – a job with its own stresses!), I suffered a ‘crisis in confidence’. Age, life, menopause – whatever! Irrespective of the cause it resulted in me leaving my job and taking on a less stressful job in a more creative environment. ‘Never too late to take a gap year.’ I joked.

It was when I started work at PDA Card and Craft, a local printers, card and craft suppliers, that I met Linsey – affectionately known by some of her colleagues as ‘Lou-lah’.

The rollercoaster of life then took another huge and painful twist as my marriage of 23 years, to a good man, fell apart slowly and painfully for us both.

From one look at me in the morning, Linsey would know if I’d had a bad night. She instinctively recognised that I was struggling and that conversation would reduce me to tears. She never sighed and pulled that ‘here we go again’ face, when I talked through my turmoil AGAIN. She was patience itself!

If Linsey text me and I didn’t reply, she didn’t take offence. She recognised that I was in a bad place and had no words. She would send messages of support, with no expectation of a reply. She was my voice of reason when I most needed it. Our shared sense of humour gave us laughs at our worst times. She didn’t judge me, or abandon me, when my reasoning and thoughts were less than (far from) rational. Instead, she reassured me that it was a process I was going through and that I would get through it in my own time. She was ‘right by my side.’

The support, kindness and selfless friendship Linsey showed me, is even more incredible when you know that, two months after I left my husband, she had life changing news. Linsey was diagnosed with breast cancer, then had the further news it had spread to her liver.

For the previous two months I thought I was heading for the worst Christmas ever. Linsey had her first chemotherapy on Christmas Eve. This suddenly put life sharply into perspective!

Throughout her treatment and returning to work in her turban, Linsey was brave, dignified and serene. Her courage and positive attitude were and continue to be a total inspiration.


When we think of names, they remind us of people we’ve known and the impressions they’ve left upon us. With this in mind, when I needed a name for my business, ‘Lou-lah’ seemed the perfect choice.

For me this represents courage, trust, dignity and unfaltering friendship. Someone that in terms of years, I’ve not known long, but through shared experiences, feel I’ve known for a lifetime.

Someone who came into my life and quietly, selflessly, stood… ‘right by my side.’


When I was little, being a bit ‘Lou-lah’ meant bonkers and through this I’ve certainly had my moments, but in words from Alice in Wonderland…

“Have I gone mad?”
“I’m afraid so, you’re entirely bonkers, but I’ll tell you a secret… all the best people are.”